Outing to Saucony Creek Kutztown Brewery & Pub

As a bonding activity, a few members of our club visited The Saucony Creek Brewery. On top of the delicious food & beverages, they had a beautiful restaurant (and floors). Luckily, our members were dressed in their Bavarian garb and always travel with an accordion, therefore, they put on a show for the other people dining. We will definitely be visiting again!


Mid-Atlantic Jugend Einzel

 Four of our young members competed in a regional dance competition, which took place at the Delaware Saengerbund on March 9th. This event showcases all the skills that these individuals have learned during numerous, demanding practices. More importantly, they make new friendships, as well as rekindle existing ones. To view all of the competitive couples, follow our link to YouTube.



Maifest at The Evergreen German Club

This was a cold & rainy day, not quite what one thinks of when celebrating warmth and growth. Nevertheless, we bundled up and performed a classic Maipole dance. The Maipole (Maypole) is a symbol of fertility, rejuvenation of nature & community unity. It's often decorated with an array of ribbons & flowers reflecting the area it resides in. We give a special thanks to our club member, Scott Kline, for constructing a beautiful, sturdy Maipole for our verein to use for years to come!

Our afternoon was filled with the wonderful company of our friends at The Evergreen German Club. Between the delicious food and the bonfire, we stayed plenty warm! Here's to a wonderful year ahead!