The Auerhahn Schuhplattler Verein hosted the Mid Atlantic Region's 25th  Kinderfest on June 2, 2018 at the Evergreen Country Club. The club is located at 415 Hartz Road, Fleetwood PA, with the picnic grounds opened at noon. The Parade of Kindergruppe was at 1:00 PM.

Kinderfest is great time to showcase the Schuhplattln tradition that is alive and growing with the youth of the Mid-Atlantic region. It is the perfect opportunity to create and keep up with lifelong friendships.

Kindergruppe performed an Ehrentanz, and participate in the multiple activities we had planned for the day.

There was be no admission charge. Every registered child was offered a complimentary lunch. Additional food and beverages was available to purchase throughout the afternoon.


Thank you for attending Kinderfest 2018!

Ben and Lauren Meck
Kinderfest co-chairs
Auerhahn Schuhplattler Verein